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The process to get from an initial invention idea or concept to a viable business opportunity is a complicated, time consuming, and costly process when undertaken by yourself. Between coming up with the initial idea to getting the product out to market exist mountains of obstacles along the way. Finding the right consulting company to help you through all that is priceless. The InventorAssistant.com can put you in touch with the right company to help you with any or all of the following processes.

  • Helping with your first patent search.
  • Filing for your first patent to protect your invention idea.
  • Getting your first prototype built so you can present to buyers.
  • Market research to find the right way to present your product to buyers.
  • Assistance with licensing negotiations to keep your profits high.
  • Finding the right manufacturing partner to keep cost and lead time down.
  • Publicity and marketing when your product is out in stores.
  • Getting your product in front of potential partners.